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The Cultural Idea of the Enterprise

Hebei Jianmin Starch Glucose Co., Ltd. always endeavors to uphold a "human-oriented" philosophy. It provides an opportunity to all employees so that they can show their intelligence and abilities. In addition, our company continuously seeks to develop various cultural activities. As a result, employees create an atmosphere where they can "respect diligence, knowledge and talents". All members of Jianmin have one common voice: "I love Jianmin. This is my home to enjoy happiness forever". The thoughts, beliefs, courage and enthusiasm of Jianmin workers are a true symbol of the continuous development of the company.

In April 2011, the company formed a team to participate in the basketball and table tennis matches of the 1st National Games in Ningjin County. The company won first prize for the men's team basketball match. On October 27-28, 2012, the company held the Autumn Games. On March 6, 2013, the company held "Spring comes to Jianmin & Spring Festival Evening of Employees in 2013".

Intangible Culture Creates Tangible Values

Jianmin can be described by the phrase of "well-known to every household" in Ningjin. When I was immersed into the company's faith and ethos, I understood the reason which promoted the company to grow into a strong modern enterprise from a small factory in the beginning.

When I come to work everyday, I can see what an excellent team is, what dedication is, and what makes a valuable employee. While at work, I am deeply touched by the professional dedication of members of Jianmin and the enthusiastic working environment which they create. Being integrated with such a team, I have developed a friendship with everyone. My working attitude has become positive and open-minded due to the cohesion of the enterprise. It is a "special culture" which is demonstrated by the unique vision of the company.

The company's culture calls its employees to "have a diligent mindset and to be altruistic, healthy, harmonious and innovative". I have realized that the company values its employees for their individual qualities and talents. The company insists on encouraging people with an optimistic framework, shaping them with excellent culture and cohering them with a good environment. It grants its employees with the freedom and privilege to express their own beliefs and make their own contributions for the greater good of the company.

"Guide people with right thought". The company realizes that ideological and political construction is the fundamental impetus which drives the development of all aspects of the enterprise. Therefore, the company encourages all employees to actively participate in intellectual development programs, such as advanced education. Likewise, we promote our employees to recognize the importance of abiding by the 'Eight Honors' and refraining from the 'Eight Disgraces'. Furthermore, the company has developed the educational program entitled "energy saving and cost reducing". In this way, employees learn to efficiently and effectively save costs and increase the company's profit. I will integrate Jianmin's teachings in my future endeavors, as they have become an integral part of my life.

"Shape people with excellent culture". The company develops training exercises for new employees so as to help them gain a preliminary understanding of enterprise's culture, vision and core values; we lead all employees to learn the rules and regulations of the enterprise. In addition, the company requests its employees to develop a sound knowledge of the ISO9001 quality system and safety production; it provides numerous learning and training opportunities. Employees are called to take each learning opportunity as a personal asset and improve the marketing of products and the economy of the enterprise.

"Cohere people with good environment". The company decides employees' salary based on their positions and through establishing incentive mechanisms and performance appraisals. In this way, employees feel more enthusiastic and optimistic about their work and career. The company also enriches employees' life outside of work, encouraging them to participate in table tennis, basketball and tug-of-war matches so as to strengthen their physicality and improve group cohesion and teamwork.

It is the intangible culture that creates ever-increasing tangible value for Jianmin. As a new employee, I will not only complete my work dutifully, but also diligently, continuously enriching my knowledge, gaining experience and improving my professional career. Development of this enterprise requires joint effort from everyone. Jianmin is a valuable and vibrant company. I believe we as a team will make it even more brilliant in the future!

~Employee of Jianmin ~