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Major Events

2006 Years

To extend the industrial chain and further improve value-added products, the company commenced the oxytetracycline dihyclorate project in 2006, which has upgraded the company's primary processing of starch and sugar products. This has promoted the company towards deep processing. Likewise, it has started to move towards the bio-pharmaceutical industry. Thus, the company's reputation and core competitiveness has improved.

2007 Years

On January 28, 2007, the oxytetracycline dihydrate plant passed the GMP certification from the Ministry of Agriculture for Veterinary Drugs.

2008 Years

In October 2008, the company was awarded with the title of "advanced enterprise of quality and efficiency in Hebei" by the Quality Supervision Bureau of Hebei.

2009 Years

In May 2009, chairman and general manager, Li Shuangsuo, was awarded with the honorary title of "Model Worker of Hebei" by the government of the province.

2010 Years

In August 2010, the company was awarded with the title of "Star enterprise of countryside, agriculture and farming" by the Village and Township Economic Development Promotion Association the province.

2011 Years

In December 2011, the "Jianminqiao" trademark was identified as famous trademark of Hebei by the Administration for Industry and Commerce of Hebei.

2012 Years

On June 13, 2012, the municipal party secretary of Xingtai, Wang Aimin, led the key project observation team to investigate the construction of the oxytetracycline dihyclorate project; he encouraged the company to implement scientific organization and reasonable dispatch, to ensure that the project is put into effect as soon as possible, and that new profit growth points will be generated in the earliest possible time, so as to make contributions to the economic development of Ningjin and even the entire city.

On October 2, 2012, the grain depots project of Runmin Grains Purchase And Sale Co.,Ltd commenced, and has consequently expanded the storage capacity of corns, ensured the supply of raw materials, and motivated the development of the logistics industry in local and surrounding counties.

On November 3, 2012, the company was rated as "Pacesetter Company of the agro-food processing industry in Hebei" by the Top-100 Rating Committee of Hebei.

On December 4, 2012, the oxytetracycline products passed the EU COS certification, and entered the European market.

2013 Years

On February 21, 2013, the Party Committee and Government of Ningjin County held the third-level cadres meeting of the county, and granted the company the titles of "2012 prominent tax paying enterprise", and "advanced unit of investment and project construction". Likewise, the company received 300,000 yuan as a reward for this achievement.

On March 6, 2013, the company held the "2012 sum-up and commendation meeting and 2013 mobilization meeting". More than 130 people, including the company's cadres above the level of team leaders and representatives of advanced individuals being commended, attended. Executive vice general manager of the company, Yan Jingfang, made the report entitled "mobilizing all staff, focusing on concrete work, and striving to achieve a new round of significant and rapid development". The company carried out a comprehensive summary on the work in 2012 and arranged the missions, objectives and priorities for 2013. Finally, general manager of the company Li Shuangsuo presented an important speech. He emphasized and reinforced the mission and vision statements for the company.

On March 3, 2013, the party committee and government of Ningjin county granted the company the title of "advanced leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization"

2014 Years

In March 2013, Hebei Jianmin Starch Glucose., LTD obtained a GMP certificate for Oxytetracycline HCL issued by the State Ministry of Agriculture.

After a 4-day comprehensive and detailed audit by FDA inspectors, the Oxytetracycline Base project of Hebei Jianmin Starch Glucose., LTD successfully passed the FDA on-site audit on November 13th , 2013. Inspectors did not only evaluate the level of hardware- like equipment, devices and facilities, but also assessed the normalization and reliability of the current management systems strictly for pharmaceutical production. Hebei Jianmin Starch Glucose., LTD is a private company started from starch glucose production. As a result of the FDA-site audit, our management system was reviewed and our team's corporation and management abilities were approved. The audit also assisted in improving the production management, ensuring the safety and effectiveness of all products. This served as a remarkable means of preparation for entering the American market.

On April the 5th 2014, construction of the streptomycin sulfate workshop was completed, and trial production of the product commenced. The new workshop implemented both oral and sterile pharmaceuticals, which aimed to cater for varying customer demands for different qualities. The output of the new workshop increased the quantity and variety of products, enriched the business of the corporation and strengthened its relationship with its customers all over the world.

In May 2014, Hebei Jianmin Starch Glucose Co., LTD obtained the CEP/COScertificate for oxytetracycline HCL as well as the CEP/COS certificate for oxytetracycline base. The certificates approve that our management and production process have reached the EU requirement. It provides security for production, exporting and customer cooperation in the EU market.